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What do you know about SEO?

Have you ever needed a detailed meaning or insight on a particular topic? Did you try putting it online and get your answers within seconds? Were the pages you viewed insightful enough to solve your need? An average web surfer would come up with positive replies as regards all the questions asked and this can only be possible through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO contents are contents or articles that feature and centre on particular keyword or keywords so as to satisfy the wants of readers. I wouldn’t search for ‘how to effectively heal from depression’ and get a reply like ‘how green tea helps metabolism’. SEO articles would ensure you find exact web pages that address your question or something similar.

SEO has existed for years and it won’t stop existing now. As much as it continues to gain ground, we must be acquainted with the best tips. From these tips, you can learn to efficiently run an official page, business page or any other pages. This article, in its all will show you some of the best tips in SEO.

Why are these tips needed?

SEO has been around for a while and successful SEO writers or copywriters have reviewed the best tips for SEO content and we have also come up with amazing tips.

Best SEO Tips

1. Ensure your site takes no extra time to load

Imagine if Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIN took more time than necessary to load, they wouldn’t have half of their customers. This is all down to effective sites they built which are even subject to further updates. If your SEO site is loading like an ammunition site, then you can expect your readers to bounce out the same way they bounced in. If you have plugins which are really not relevant attached to your website, you can bring them down to allow for a smooth read. If you’ve argued about first impression lasting, believe a user’s first impression about your website surely last except for a miraculous intervention.

2. Share other resources or links on your site

As the saying goes, ‘no man is an island of knowledge’, this is right. Your SEO site might contain the best of the best articles but most people are never satisfied with just a proof or validation on a topic. What they need is for your site to serve as a bridge. People say things like, “Yes, I read this awesome article but I’m really not convinced until I find more sources”. Sharing pages which further takes them off their feet is the bomb. It doesn’t take an extra pound to post these links on your site, so do it generously. By this, you further help yourself by making your site the first juncture before another juncture is reached.

3. Prioritize your readers’ comfort over any SEO material.

Google in a bid to further improve user experience are working on an ML algorithm called RankBrain which helps rank a page. This Machine Learning algorithm works by calculating how much time a user or reader dwells on a page and how many clicks a particular user has. To be truthful, a reader shouldn’t feel burdened reading your page because it is too focused on keywords. As much as you want to be conscious of keywords, be careful not to litter everywhere with these words. In SEO writing, we have SEO copywriting and this allow for a writing to be highly optimized whilst been readable. Nobody wants to wrap their heads around a page that is highly optimized but not easily readable. Finally, know the thin line between having a well written SEO material and just a normal material. Remember there is a reason a reader wants to open your site.

4. Your meta description must stay unique

You may want to ask what Meta description is and how it relates to SEO. Good! Meta description is the first page that pops up when a user makes a search. No two Meta descriptions should be the same, which means you should have a unique one. Also, be careful how you bring up your description. You shouldn’t have a Meta description like ‘what 5 countries are best for vacation’ when the original intention is to have ‘why you need a vacation and how our travel agency can help’ in an SEO article. Be careful of copy and paste.

5. Heard of readable URLS?

URL is known as Universal Resource Locator and they are also peculiar to website. Something like ‘’ is a typical URL and it looks readable. Humans are ordinarily lazy, so having a URL that looks like a mixture of words and binary number can mar SEO content. Something like ‘’ is a typical example. Making your website’s URL readable to give a fully optimized site is an edge.

6. Use social signals

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, are used to push sites with SEO contents so as to reach a wider view. If you have noticed in a couple of premium sites, the bottom page is the share button to social media. Owners of such pages ensure they right brilliant stuff which leaves the reader with no choice than to share. To enable you reach broader view, endeavour to spend a good time writing a brilliant SEO content and the views will keep increasing. It is just like an Iphone user telling his friend about how good their latest product is. This is a better way of marketing. If you notice the content, after been written well, isn’t getting enough views, you can charge your readers to share on their social accounts.

7. Ever thought about giving your images the right keywords?

As a website or blog owner, you could be a vendor trying to push your product (female wears) on your site and this comes with pictures. Take me as a potential customer who is trying to search for a nice blue ball gown for my wife. If I search for a ‘blue ball gown’ on the internet, and your website pops up, it means you did a good job with the keywords on your site and on the image. This is exactly the magic some vendors use. They make a research on what people want the most, put up the right image with keyword/keywords that gives a lasting impression and boom, they record massive sales. Ensure you play the image keyword game right.

8. Give your site a mobile-first indexing

What does mobile-first indexing mean? It means a mobile version of your website is the primary version of your site, as recognized by Google. As a site owner, be sure to have built your website to be mobile friendly. Been desktop friendly is not enough because Google ranks a SEO site which is both mobile and desktop friendly over one which is just desktop friendly. Mobile-first indexing makes your site pop up when a relative search is made. Google also take joy in responsive site. Websites with ‘m.’ like are not responsive so switch if you have something like that.

9. Consider using header tags

Header tags are tags from <h1> to <h6> used to define your header. Your header shouldn’t be the same and can be improved by introducing the tags. Using header tags makes your site more healthy and good looking. A nicely broken down article on a website excites the reader and want such person wanting more.

10. Outbound links are the deal breaker

If your website speaks about child abuse or a matter which involves data, you really should consider using outbound links. Yes, you have backed up a statement made on your site but a further check by reader will make them feel more at home and no they won’t elope after clicking the outbound link. Using outbound hyperlinks to sites helps you as an author to walk your reader through whilst increasing their trust in you.

11. Broken links are a No No

As much as it is good to add outbound links to your site, be sure you are not adding a dead link. It won’t speak well when a link you cited on your page gets visited by a reader just to find out it is broken, it dents your reputation. To ensure links are not broken, you can use software like Dead Link Checker. Dead Link Checker helps check broken sites or links and it even works better when you have an account with them. To have a well written Search Engine Optimization content, sign up with Dead Link Checker and you get the chance to have your links checked automatically. You get notified anytime a site goes blank so as to replace it. This software only does not check dead link but helps you keep tab on relevant industry. You can contact the webmaster of a site when the page goes blank so they can replace the dead link with your site link. This helps that in by helping the webmaster; your site also gets noticed. What better way to make your SEO site go viral?

Conclusively, write creative content worth reading. Do your readers and yourself a whole lot of good by consistently producing the best contents. Be sure to have a domain name for your website well checked before launching. You shouldn’t be changing your domain name so as not to get your readers confused.  These have worked for people and it will surely work for you. Go sailing!