Google Posts Service

Google Posts are gaining momentum, yet many local businesses are still not leveraging them. The ones who do are seeing increases in traffic, clicks, and inbound buyers.

Google Post Services (GPS) ranges varies according to the number of posts per week.

Posts are the main component here, and they are ordered; meaning your newest post is always shown first. Each post can contain an image, link, and some text.
Posts stay live on the My Biz card for 7 days until the post-event ends.
 This means a business will need a new post every week and for any events they host. It truly gives you the opportunity to run this service for them each month, and to charge a monthly fee to publish posts and maintain their lists. Plus, you cannot schedule these posts, which means they are dependent on your service to reach their audience.
The older posts are pushed down and eventually put into a carousel that a user can scroll through. On the business’ card, only the first 2.5 posts are displayed, and this is to help keep the content fresh and timely.
This seems to be Google’s attempt at preventing business listings from becoming a post graveyard like so many social profiles.

Google Map Optimization, Ranking on 1st page for keywords and Local leads can be further discussed if needed.

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