How Local Business Owners Can Optimize Their Google My Business Profile

Looking at Google’s New Local Listing Platform “Google My Business

will quickly reveal that it is still one of Google’s most powerful and FREE tools for local businesses.  A glimpse at this powerful tool for targeting and acquiring local leads in any market online will give some insights.

Proper listing of local businesses on Google My Business (GMB) and other online directories is one of the fastest and easiest ways to have local businesses to show up for local search results on the biggest search platform online – Google.

In today’s digital marketing and advertising economy, Google is the number one platform through which your prospects and new customers will gather information about your products and services and easily reach out to you via text messages, booking appointment, phone calls or online forms.

Experience also shows that online businesses with complete and verified Google My Business listings are more likely to be trusted by potential consumers, attract more relevant and engaged subscribers, improve conversion rates and much more.

Working with Google My Business without SEO knowledge and marketing can be complicated and intimidating initially. That’s why we want to make easier for you by sharing some great tips, and if you require more assistance you should reach out to TopLeadsClients to help you get started today!

Google My Business benefits include the following:

  1. Helps businesses establish visibility and brand awareness
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  2. Helps businesses gain visibility around your metropolis
  3. Helps businesses to be in front of ready-to-buy potential customers
  4. Helps businesses stand out as trustworthy
  5. Helps facilitate increase conversions through positive reviews. It also creates trust and reputation through reviews and response to reviews
  6. It has become the simplest way to update the business address, share coupon codes, events, recent blog articles, show sales, book appointments, answer business questions, offers and much more.


Important steps for completing Google My Business profile

  1. Remain consistent with any other listings you have previously submitted. Ensure you use the same Name, Phone number, Address and Website (NAPW).
  2. Business Address should be the same across all platforms to adequately benefit from the SEO benefit of citations. For instance, if an address is “Suite 1119 Mainland Street Calgary”, do not vary it by using “#1119 Mainland Str Calgary”.
  3. Use your local phone number in your Google my business rather than 1800 tollfree number.
  4. Add your website URL to your business listings, and if you don’t have one, you can create a quick one inside the Google maps profile which is far better than leaving it blank.
  5. Description -This is the opportunity to sell your business in few paragraphs. Think also in terms of keywords and how your customers’ searches relate to you.
  6. Choose categories that best describe what you offer. Exhaust your list but do not include unrelated categories for clearing and searching results. You cannot create your own categories as Google’s options will serve well.
  7.  Fill out the rest of the form as completely as you possibly can.
  8. Geotag and categorize the photos according to the headings At Work, Team and Identity.
  9. Add marketing videos to explain what your business offers. This should be more or less 90
  10. Ensure the business is verified either by phone, post or video verification. Although Google chooses what verification option is available for your business, you can contact Google My Business forum if you think you need specific attention.
  11. Complete all you can before you click the verification button to verify the business. This is because if you click verify, you cannot alter any information until verification is completed. If you change any information after requesting verification, the verification postcard may not come through, then you must request the verification over again.
  12. Add your services if this option is available for your category.
  13. Receive and respond to reviews as they come in.
  14. Ensure your working hours are up to date and update them during holidays.



If your business needs assistance with setting up Google My Business, ranking, citation and optimization, Top Leads Clients is here to help both in ranking and Google local map optimization service.


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