Website SEO Optimization: Top Leads & Clients
SEO Optimization: Top Leads & Clients

SEO single service at Top Leads Client includes the following tasks.                                                

Each task helps in the optimization process that will prepare the site in a position of strength when competing in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs).

A. Technical SEO Audit

The following tasks will be performed to attain a high level of on-site optimization:

The first optimization element in any SEO campaign is the technical audit of the website. We will make sure that the site’s pages, its information architecture and it’s content taxonomy are conducive for search engine bot crawls.

1. Title tag audit 2. Meta description audit 3. Keyword Research 4. Robot Tag 5. Image Optimization, 6. Crawl Error Resolution, 7. XML Files

B. Foundational Branding Enhancement

Branding is an integral part of the current age of Google’s algorithms. A strong brand is a hefty trust signal for search engines, making websites that invest in this aspect of online marketing stronger in search results.

Branding will be reinforced for the website using the following methods:

 1. 40 Local directory listings and citations and

 2. Social Media Optimization – Creation of 100 social profiles for link juice and domain recognition only.

 3. Optimization of social media brand page: Facebook Page only.

C. Google Maps Optimization:

Image optimization, category, posts & updates.

C. Webmaster Tool Setup for Optimal Monitoring

Webmaster tools checks include Google Analytics, Google Console, & Google Website Verification.

SEO Single Services

Dependences and Cost Investment ($800)

To deliver our SEO single services successfully, Top Leads Client will rely on Clients to provide the following:

1.     This is a one-time fee of $800 for 6 website pages or less (example home page, Services page, About us page, Contact Us page, etc.,). More than 7 please contact or call 908 800 0092. We will review the website on after completion for report and progress. The website will have improved.

2.     Access to Google Analytics to date and Webmaster Tools account, if applicable.

3.     Consultation time with subject matter experts in your organization, if needed.

This service is a one-time single service. This will help any website to start up strong sending out ranking signals. However, it will not rank your website on the first-page right-away but will empower the site for ranking opportunities.