How a Steady Press Releases Can Benefit Businesses

One Time/Monthly Press Releases

Press releases provide remarkable benefits for businesses. Everything from more traffic to your website, more customers coming to your place of business, and more inbound phone calls to even momentous events like strategic partnerships with related businesses, and even finding that right Venture Capital partner are possible through press releases.

Not only that, but compared to more tradition advertising, press release marketing is very cost-effective. How much are you considering spending on your next radio spot, or your next round of Facebook ads? Those may or may not be working for you, but why not try a diet of monthly press releases in addition to everything else you’re doing?

Because it is so important that you understand the power of press release marketing, let’s talk in some detail about what you can expect out of your next press release campaign.

Instant Exposure for Your Business

One of the most important aspects of online press releases are their immediacy. When a press release is published on a platform like PRWeb, or some other reputable platform, the business gets instant exposure. With most platforms there are several “levels” to choose from when you publish (and we’ll get into all of that later). Having said that, with any reputable platform, your press release will get distributed to thousands of news sites, news blogs, other blogs, and other types of outlets…immediately.

Press releases are not, however, ephemeral. They don’t vanish at some date in the future. Another huge benefit is they stay online essentially forever. As long as the Internet exists, your press release will be there, gathering traffic and sending traffic and interested parties to your website and to your business.

Increased Sales

With exposure, often comes increased sales. Although, this isn’t a guaranteed outcome for a given press release (just as it’s not for any given instance of advertising), if you are using press releases intelligently, and consistently in your marketing efforts, it’s going to be difficult not to see an increase in sales.

There are several ways that a press release can boost your sales.

One way is just the fact that people searching for your product or service will naturally run across your press release. The press release should contain links to your website, which interested parties can click. Also, if you have multimedia…videos, PDFs, infographics, images, things like that…this will only increase your visitor engagement. And, if you’re proactive about spreading those multimedia assets around, publishing the videos for instance, you’ll get even more clicks as people see that particular marketing asset. This isn’t the only way your press release can boost your sales, however.

Another way people can find your press release is on blogs and news sites. Bloggers and news sites need content, and one of the best places for them to get that content is from press releases whose subject is allied with their market niche. These sites often publish the press releases outright, with a link back to your website, or they do what’s called “curating” the press release. Basically, curating means writing a short paragraph introducing a piece of content, then linking from that to the original, longer source. Considering how many blogs and new sites should pick up your press release, you’ll get even more traffic to your website from this. As long as your website actually works as a marketing funnel for your business, that traffic should naturally drip down and turn into sales.

Even better, there’s a cumulative effect that happens if you publish press releases regularly. Press releases are evergreen. They’re indexed by Google, and often show up on the first page of relevant searches. As you get more and more press releases out there, you’ll cumulatively get more traffic from those press releases to your website, calls to your business number, and important inquires from people who want to buy to investors who want to invest.

Boosts Effectiveness of Your Other Marketing Campaigns

A press release is one of the best ways to inexpensively amp up the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. Let’s say you’re going to a trade show in August. A great strategy would be to book-end this trade show with a press release. One release announces your appearance there, and the other press release announces that you were there and hopefully something newsworthy that came out of that event. Just by doing this one thing, you’ve both advertised your company’s participation at the trade show, thus getting more and more interested parties both knowing about the trade show, and also knowing about your company, and you’ve used the second press release to ride the tail wind of the press release a little longer, turning it into even more of a marketing success.

What about other marketing events? Are you launching a radio spot about your new local business service? If so, you need a press release, perhaps two…one about the service itself and the other about the radio spot. Do you think it might sound goofy to write a press release about advertising? Not at all! Especially not if your advertising has a new twist on it. Announce the twist and get more people knowing about your business and its products.

Let’s say you’re doing in depth videos about a new process in your business. Well…you’re going to at least put those videos on YouTube, right? Now what you need to do is to publish a press release about your new, educational YouTube channel.

Bottom line, be creative! The more press releases you get out there, the more traffic you get, the more sales you make!

Brands You as an Industry Thought Leader and Your Company as Cutting-Edge

Years ago, a couple of advertising geniuses, Al Ries and Jack Trout, wrote a seminal book called Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind.  In their book, they argued that brands, like Tide, for instance, hold certain “positions” in our minds. So, when you think of clean, fresh smelling clothes, you’re more likely to think to buy Tide than another brand.

The positioning concept isn’t just for big businesses and Madison Avenue. You run a business that’s defined either by product type or location, or both. How would you like to start positioning your business, or yourself, as a market leader in your niche?

Press Release Services

Press releases can do that, probably easier than any other form of advertising, much easier than, say, having a ghost writer write a book for you.

A diet of press releases talking about your business, your innovations, your speaking gigs, your trade show appearances, etc., can, over time, build you up as one of the true thought leaders in your business niche.

Why should this appeal to you? Well, for one thing, businesses that are seen as the market leaders are trusted more by customers and clients. Trust is the first hurdle any potential buyer needs to overcome before they buy something.

In addition, should you need capital or new management to take your business to the next level, you as a market leader are going to attract the right investors, the right management team, much easier if you’re the leader in your field.

Who, by the way, decides that you are actually the leader in your field?

Here’s the “dirty little secret”.

You do!

And, one of the best ways to create and announce that fact is through press releases.

Increased Traffic to Your Website

Let me ask you a quick question.

How much money did you spend on your website? How much is your hosting a month?

Now, the hard part…

How many sales per month is your website responsible for? What’s the ROI (Return on Investment) of your website?

If you’re like a lot of businesses, your website is used more like a glorified, digital business card than a money-making asset. It can be so much more, though!

Of course, there are several steps in turning your website from being just an Internet place holder to being a money spewing asset. And, that first step is getting more and more potential customers or clients to actually visit the site. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through press releases.

Think about it! Press releases attract only the best quality traffic online. Only someone truly interested in your newsworthy event is going to actually read your press release. So, they filter your potential traffic, filtering out the “tire kickers” before the even land on your home page.

Even better, press releases pre-sell that traffic by predisposing them to think of your business and your products or services in only the best light.

Thus, the traffic you get from press releases is, for lack of a better word, golden!

Again, as you publish more and more press releases, you’ll build up more and more of that golden, highly targeted traffic.

Yet another reason to start your business on a steady diet of press releases!

Important SEO Benefits

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Basically, this is the process of creating traffic to websites by various means, other than pay-per-click advertising.

When someone publishes a page on a website, Google crawls it. The Google “bot” figures out what the page is about (from the text on the page) and then decides where that particular page is going to rank for a variety of searches that someone might do, or that people have done in the page.

Your website is going to get more traffic “organically” if the pages on your site rank higher for the given searches that Google assigns to them. The higher the rankings, the more likely people are to find your listing and click through to go to the page.

Although you can’t determine where you rank outright, you can do things to positively influence your rankings, and press releases are one of the best ways to do that!

One of the most important ranking factors that Google takes into account when deciding where to rank a given web page is the number, source, and quality of the links coming into that page from other web pages. These are called “backlinks”, because they are inbound into the page in question, pointing back to it, as it were.

A link from a press release published in a reputable site like PRWeb would be considered a very valuable backlink! So, the more press releases you publish that contain more and more links back to various pages in your website, the better those pages rank in relevant searches. Of course, those Google searches are done by people who might be potential customers, clients, investors, or partners! The more press releases you publish, the more traffic you get, the more sales you make, the faster your business grows!

Increased Exposure to Your Target Audience (because publishing platforms are industry-specific and also geo-targeted)

One of the big problems with any advertising is targeting the ad to right potential buyers. A billboard on an expressway is a great example. So, let’s say you own a plumbing company, and you pay to have a billboard show on one of the major commuter expressways in your city. You’ll get massive exposure here! Literally, thousands upon thousands of cars will drive by ever single day! Yet, how many of those drivers and passengers who actually see your billboard will actually need a plumber any time soon?

Of course, this is all worked out via the free market and the price on for the billboard. And, I’m sure businesses who understand billboard advertising do very well. But, you have to admit, on a daily basis, 99% of the people who even glance at the billboard won’t need a plumber.

Let’s use an example online. How about ads on Facebook.

So, what if you own a chain of high-end hair salons, and you want to beef up your business using Facebook ads? Although you can do some targeting with Facebook ads, many of the people seeing them either won’t need their hair done right at that moment, or they’ll live too far away to use one of your shops.

What’s the problem here? You would, after all, be getting thousands of impressions of the Facebook ad. (An impression is one instance of one person being exposed to the ad.)

The problem here is in the targeting of the ad. Again, just like the billboard example, only a very small fraction of the people actually seeing the ad will need your business’s service or product. And that can very well become an issue if you’re spending too much money on your ads than you’re bringing in in new customers or clients. (Basically, I’m saying, in this example, that those ads would have a negative ROI.)

One Time/Monthly Press Releases

Press Release Maybe Your Shortcut To Sales.