Video Marketing: What Every Business Should Know to Grow Their Customer Base.


To create a successful marketing video the following practices must be considered:

  1. The type of video to create and what issue to address. Prospecting videos will focus on attracting high-value prospects for a given product or service. Demo videos are generally created to demonstrate the functionality of a product or services. This is aimed at helping viewers understand the unique selling proposition and its benefits. Price explanation videos will be directed towards clearing cost related grey areas in a product or service addressing they why. Price video gives an insight, sets expectation while qualifying buyers even before they reach out. Tutorial videos: They are currently used by various companies to teach and guide staff in learning new programs, training new staff or simply educating the public. It saves time, energy and encourages people to Do It Yourself (DIY) skills. A very important step here is to write down the script, proofread before recording to avoid omissions and misplacing steps. Finally, is the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions video. This video is designed to answer different/common questions about a product or services that everyday consumer might ask, address the concern and encourage buying decisions.
  2. Audience platform: Understanding how to choose the platform will benefit all businesses tremendously. Knowing an audience and the platform to find them, enables business owners to focus on where their Facebook ingforgraphics 2018target leads and potential buyers are hanging out. The popular platform includes LinkedIn that has over 100 million profiles of professionals with a related audience on Twitter and Google plus. YouTube is only second to Facebook for sharing videos. YouTube is a great free video sharing site for almost all business information except unauthorized advertisement unless proper steps are taken to avoid being banned from the platform (abiding by YouTube rules). Facebook is a great platform to have a business presence. Although Facebook is going through a lot of updates and restrictions, it is still the leading platform for businesses. Other platforms include; Snapchat, Instagram, Pin interest, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook messenger, etc. I recommend some research to discover where your audience hangs out and share your videos on that platform for effecting marketing.
  3. Video Quality Matters. Unless you are living under the rock, you will notice that the rate videos are consumed by customers are increasing by leaps and bounce. The glaring difference between professionals and amateur reflects on the quality of the video shared. Any type of video can no longer cut the deal. Videos now are required to meet the professional standard with good lighting, image focus, clear sound and attention-grabbing elements, to be able to convert viewers. Video marketing era is here to stay, grow and expand. Don’t be left behind.
  4. Video SEO: Adding SEO to your videos marketing plan is no longer very optional. Videos without promotion will produce little or zero result when compared to any video with SEO. The rise of videos today has raised the need for video SEO. This is because the number of videos that are uploaded online every day is huge. How can a small business marketing videos get visibility and stand out among millions of uploads daily online? SEO is the answer to helping get the visibility of your videos that is required. It needs to generate continuous traffic, leads and sales online. Video SEO will target potentials traffic and compete with rivals for high converting leads. You may not go very far without an SEO service.
  5. Use short videos and mix of words. Marketing videos are better short in length about 60-90 seconds long, conveying an information per video clip. It is not recommended to condense 5pages of different information in 90 seconds marketing video. It can be a bit overwhelming to the audience that may struggle to understand everything at once. The result is that they don’t remember much that was shared in the video. Focus on one information at a time and drive home the message, clear and concise. Get your marketing videos done by an SEO expert, in that way you will minimize un-converting copies and errors. Research shows that most videos, especially on Facebook, were watched without sound. This implies that adding words on the screen of the video will aid the viewers buying decisions and keeping the prospect longer on your platform.