Best Keyword Practices For Finding Traffic keywords In Any Market.

Traffic keyword Research has become a fundamental part of the marketing and advertising online. Keyword Research simply put – is a process of finding out phrases that drive better traffic online for any product or service. It reveals key phrases/keywords that potential customers use to search for a particular service or product online. Clearly, a lot more people who employed inexperienced SEO agencies to take the advantage of it by embedding key terms inside their web-site’s content and achieving rankings that way. this practice is now currently invalid. Bing along with Yahoo and Google Artificial Intelligence identifies those fake routes. Search Engines now blacklists internet websites whose SEO process is conducted in this way. Most times those websites are penalized.

Traffic keyword is the life blood of the content.

Today in the world of Google I believe that content is key. Content is King, That’s what online marketers always say. And that’s right. However, Traffic Keyword is the life blood of any content. If a great content is created with a zero traffic keyword, it cannot be adequate. Understanding which keyword draws traffic volume within a given market or niche will go along way in rewarding the time and effort invested in the content creation by attracting a large amount of traffic. For instance, a keyword such as “Calgary Businesses” maybe driving about 250 traffic volumes online monthly whereas the keyword “Calgary Business Owners” drives about 350 every month. If you are choosing related keywords, of course, one has to choose the higher traffic generating keyword which in this example is “Calgary Business Owners”.

All keywords are not equal. Keyword Research becomes very important in creating good content that will create a Return On Investment (ROI) on the efforts and resources put in for ranking the Keyword. Keywords like “Types of Spa Services“ and “Spa Services in Calgary” relate to different states of the buyer. The former keyword may attract a potential buyer trying to understand different available Spa services, unlike the later phrase which addresses the fact that the buyer may want to access the service right away and is searching for the nearest Spa Services around the location. For a better conversion rate and if you must choose between the two keywords, then choose “Spa Services in our city”.  The user intent here is that the person queuing in the later keyword might be closer to buying the services than the former. Using traffic keyword volume that relates to the User Intent will always reward the user when used with the right phrases that convey the user intent.

Here are a few recommendations to provide you additional tips and techniques to better target online visitors.

Here are some best practices for finding traffic keywords:

  1. Choose plural words because it delivers more views and are more general, for example, Carpenters instead of a Carpenter
  2. Choose Singular words when higher conversion rate is required. It increases visibility and buying stage of potential buyers.
  3. Consider words people use to find your products and services
  4. Research phrases/words that describe the problems your products or services solve.
  5. Check keywords that your competitors used on their websites.

Smart entrepreneurs who concentrate on the best keywords can increase their product/services sales as the other entrepreneurs who don’t know which key phrases to focus on is going to be wondering what’s happening. It is not all increasing traffic that counts these days, good traffic relatively depends on a quality keyword research. Take time to do correct keyword research or outsource it to a good seo agency because your investment will pay off in the future.


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