How To Get SEO Traffic Using Your Old Content

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seo for traffic
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Using old content to get new online traffic is an effective SEO strategy that not only generates continuous leads for businesses but contributes greatly to their rankings on search engines.

If there is one method that can get you a lot of traffic and make you earn a better Return on Investment from your business marketing budget without trying so hard, then it has to be repurposing your content. Repurposing content is a primary factor in content marketing which means taking any intellectual item of yours and putting it to use in another way.

Old contents are transformed into other formats that wider audiences can access. Changing the old content into other format is termed repurposing content. Repurposing content equally means taking your current content and using it in a different way. Sometimes it means changing the media of the content and other times, it also means altering the way that you use it.

SEO Maximised using different content format

We live in a world of many digital content formats – a world of evolving and dynamic digital media options where people prefer their information in varieties of formats posted in different media sites of choice. The digital media options are illustrated in the diagram below:

Your content can be repurposed into an online video, PDF, Powerpoint slides, e-course, webinar, e-book, live seminar, spectacular presentations or a multitude of other products. But what types of information marketing content ought to be repurposed?

Repurposing is one of the best SEO traffic strategy that requires low-level work on your part, yet very effective in generating traffic online. It is much easier to repurpose than to create new content. Not only do you have to come up with new ideas when creating new content, but you also have to educate a market to want that very new product or information.

Types of Contents that can be used

To be able to benefit from re-purposing old content, the content must be:

  1. Functional: It must add value to a target audience. It should not be an outdated piece of information.
  2. Evergreen – one that does not require continuous updates to be useful for a longer period. An information with a short lifespan of few days/weeks is not the best choice for applying this strategy.

Why Repurpose? For SEO Traffic

You may think that no one will want to see, view, read, or listen to an already published content presented in a particular format.

Think about this though, what if someone:

  • Does not have the time and energy to read, and would rather listen?
  • Wants to learn more and would love to sign up for a seminar or workshop?
  • Would rather listen and watch an online presentation than read a stagnant page?
  • Wants to see examples rather than just listen to the description?
  1. By repurposing your content, you can use the same ideas (thereby saving you time), but create something unique and original from it. This means reducing the time and increasing results. By using the new content in another way or form, you are able to help your business branch out and reach the newer audiences. By transferring ideas pertaining to your business in a newer format, you can reach more and more people with that, and when you do so, the chances of maximizing your profits are also increased.
  2. Repurposing content in other different formats is very sensible because you want to generate leads as many customers and prospects as possible.
  3. Repurposing is another great way of reaching a wider segment of your target audience. For example, not everybody likes video. They may prefer to read. Most people might prefer to download an MP3 of the content and listen to it while they do their exercise or drive long distances. By repurposing, you are making your content available to all and delivering it in styles they will enjoy. If you host a seminar, you can repurpose events too, even if they are one through webcam such as Ustream. What you need to do is to record the program and you will have a set of videos to sell or use virally at a later date. You can also transcribe them and you will have a new e-course or more traffic building content for a blog.
  4. You can turn your articles into press releases, e-books, blog posts, autoresponder series, etc. This is done by compiling several related articles into a transcript and creating a teleclass. Record the teleclass, then add a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet and now you will have a mini-home study course. The possibilities are endless. And what is even better? Once you have all these newly repurposed contents, you can promote them to your number one asset – your prospective and current customers!
  5. Now, recognizing that there are four (4) ways that people learn; the first being visual which is seeing, second being auditory which is hearing, third being kinesthetic which is through movement, and fourth being tactile which is touch, it becomes evident that you’re not serving a portion of your business by only offering your product on an audio CD, hard copy or downloadable MP3 file. If your potential client is a visual learner and a product that you just created is an audio, what are the chances of that customer buying your CD? You’re doing a disservice to your potential clients if you cannot offer your product in a format that they need. And you are also missing out on a sale when they go somewhere else instead of buying your product. That is why it’s so necessary to discover how to repurpose your products and content that you are creating.
  6. Your subscribers and customers will appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to create different methods to get your products to them. And you will appreciate serving more customers and add extra sales to your business. Repurposing is not only helpful to be more productive but it also helps you to gain more traffic online, customers and thereby making more sales. It can be easily done when you understand how to repurpose your content. Repurposing does a few things, and it has been one of the secret tools to online business marketing success.  As a business owner that works online, you’ll find out that if you repurpose your content properly, it will increase sales and decrease costs of using safe SEO methods.
  7. If you are blogging already, you can use repurposing to drive additional traffic to your website thereby repurposing your blog into additional marketing materials. You can equally create additional income streams by repurposing your blog into items you can offer for sale.  It is all about leveraging your existing content via repurposing.

Benefits of Re-using Contents

But let us not forget your customers and subscribers. Does repurposing your contents help you reach your customers?

Your customers and subscribers should be the most vital part of your business.  And the knowledge of getting subscribers and customers is to get in front of every eyeball you possibly can.

So how do you get in front of every eyeball?  How do you get people to notice what you are doing so they will also become customers and subscribers?

Remember that repurposing helps you to create additional marketing materials. The more people you can expose your ideas to, the more people you can help by sharing things you have to offer.

Resources for Repurposing Content

There are countless resources out there for repurposing your content. However, I will mention a few of them here.

In online business marketing, content is key! Online Traffic is one of the best ways to keep business leads pipe full generating Top Leads and Clients on a continuous basis. The good news is that don’t need to create new content, you can use your old content in many different forms to reach potential customers that the old content has not reached.